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Name:tony facetti
Website:Not Provided
Comments:great site
Visit Date:11/14/2012
Name:Stanislaus Krotshizalozshniz
Website:Not Provided
Comments:hey, i was looking around your homepage. well done, i like it. go on. greetings from stanislaus
Visit Date:11/11/2012
Name:Sherrie M Kemp
Location:Emmaus, PA
Website:Not Provided
Comments:To all of my family who served with the late Murf(Timothy Kemp) OL25 1969-1970 Vinh Long Prov.You will always be part of my family and in my heart - forever! Thank God I was never in Vietnam - but I was apart of TKemps dreams every nite and he was proud to be known as the 175th AHC Outlaw25!! Damn it! Love all of you! Thanks for everything.
Visit Date:11/1/2012
Name:Robert Guevremont
Location:Vinh Long 1968/1969
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Robert left Fort Hood for Viet Nam in June/July 1968. On the back of one photo he wrote road to Vinh Long. He was assigned helicopter repairs but was a skilled carpenter, the army quickly had him building barracks with a few other good soldiers one I think was named Howey Smith?) Robert died in June of 2010 from epiteloid angio sacroma( agent organge) he never spoke of Viet Nam...If you knew him please share stories with me Thank you..
Visit Date:10/25/2012
Name:Ivan White
Location:French Village Mo.
Website:Not Provided
Comments:crewchief 71-72 worked in operations I have been in touch with Dennis Baker and Ray Hoff. Will never forget the Outlaws. thanks for the website.
Visit Date:10/17/2012
Name:Dan faryna
Location:Toms RiverN.J.
Website:Not Provided
Comments:My name is Dan Faryna I was stationed at Vin Long from March, 68 to March 69. I was a spec 4 then spec 5. I was a helicopter machanic for the Mavericks and Outlaws and worked mostly night shift but did some day shifts. While I was stationed there it was the 150th transportation and then changed to The 175th assualt helicopters. I have been trying to locate others from the maintainance hanger who served at the same time as I did. Some names I remember are: Heightmen, Littleton, Shot. Saunders and John johnson who were were gunners for the Outlaws in 68. If anyone can tell me how to connect with the maintainance company, I would appreciate it since I have been unable to find any information on them myself. Or if you know any of these people can you put them in touch with me. Thanks
Visit Date:10/14/2012
Website:Not Provided
Comments:It was a hard time down there. Lost many good friends.
Visit Date:10/11/2012
Name:Dolphus Lackey
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I was in the 175th Outlaws Apr.69 to Apr, 70. I flew in the roadrunner. I was the door gunner. Rodny was my crew chief. Would love to hear from friends back there.
Visit Date:10/6/2012
Name:Brian Ames
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Grateful for your service.
Visit Date:9/18/2012
Name:Frank Estes
Location:Ozark, AL
Website:Not Provided
Comments:If you did not attend our Outlaw Savannah Roundup 2012 during Sep 6-10, you missed a great opportunity to renew old friendships and make new ones. Watch for an update of our website that reflects the grand time all in attendance had. And, make plans for our 50th Anniversary Roundup in 2014 in Washington D.C.
Visit Date:9/15/2012
Name:Steven Andreoff Jr
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Looking for any information on anyone who knew my dad. His name was Steven Andreoff. I have a jacket of his that was made in Vietnam, on the front it says Andreoff O.L.25 and on the back it shows a Huey with Vinh Long under it 68-69, on the top it says 175th Assault. Hel. Co. I also found a picture of him sitting in the door with his M-60. On the helmet are two snorting bulls where the visor is. Just want to know anything. Thank you.
Visit Date:9/14/2012
Name:Donny Brown
Location:Snellville georgia
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I was with the 611th at vinh long in 70 as a helicopter mechanic my big brother was also there with c troop 7/1st air calvary as a loach observer.He passed away last september and was buried at Arlington with full honors on good friday this year.His name was Thomas Michael Maddox(same mom different dads)He was quite a soldier.Thought might be in Savannah this friday and will bring some pics , sorry for the long post
Visit Date:9/2/2012
Name:Frank Effenberger
Location:Rapid City, SD
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I was the AC for Outlaw 18 when I finished my Mar 70 to Mar 71 tour. I posted close to 400 photos taken during my tour on Flickr. Google 175th AHC Outlaws for the link. There are lots of folks I can not recall from 40 years ago, so feel free to comment and add names to many of them. Photos of OL24 AFTER its bad night; Mavericks AFTER the retrograde ammo point blew up; Tommy Ivey, who had been my crewchief for a while; the Maverick Stand Down, etc. A lot of First Platoon Outlaws! I hope you have a wonderful reunion! OUTLAWS RULE! Frank Effenberger, CW5, Retired, Effy_OL18_71
Visit Date:9/1/2012
Name:Joey Douan (CHERRY)
Location:2418 lantern st ,Charleston, SC 29414
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I was a crew chief on a UH-1M night vision gunship. We were the evaluation team for the first prototype infrared units FLIR team Call sign Star Trek 512 We were attached to the 7/1 at vinh long but some of you guys flew cover for us from time to time We flew dusk to dawn with no lights in 1971 anyone remember? see you at your reunion. 843-270-9914
Visit Date:8/28/2012
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I'm like a jackhammer
Visit Date:8/26/2012
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