(Approved as of October 5, 2002)
(Revised September 13, 2008)
(Revised September 8, 2012)
(Revised September 20, 2014)
(Interim Revision September 23, 2016)
(Revised March 16. 2019)

Chapter 1 – Members

Membership categories are outlined in the VLOA Constitution. Honorary memberships will be conferred by the Steering Committee for life. Honorary Members desiring to make a donation equivalent to established dues may do so but are not required. Honorary Member- ship is without vote and may not hold office.

Chapter 2 – Membership Dues


1. Eligible members of the VLOA must pay an annual membership fee as deter- mined by the Steering Committee. A Life membership may be elected by a member after payment of a one-time fee as determined by the Steering Commit- tee. An Associate Life membership may be elected by an Honorary or Asso- ciate member who donates the equiva- lent amount as a Life member. A fee structure for Active, Associate Life, and Life memberships will be published in the VLOA Policy Files.

2. Annual membership fees are due and payable to the Treasurer after January 1st of each calendar year and must be re- ceived no later than March 31st.

3. Dues-paid or donations made by members (Active, Associate Life, or Life, as applicable) will receive each edition of the Outlaw Newsletter, a membership card approved by the Steer- ing Committee, hold office (except for

Distaff Advisor position), and vote (Ac- tive and Life members only), and be eli- gible for special promotions that may be offered during the calendar year.

4. Non-dues-paid members will receive the quarterly Outlaw Newsletter, infor- mation announcements regarding up- coming Reunions, and be encouraged to join the VLOA by payment of annual dues. Should the VLOA’s financial sta- tus become questionably low, the Steer- ing Committee is authorized to send Outlaw Newsletters only to dues paying members.


Chapter 3 – Termination of Membership


1. Members of any category may be terminated for cause or conduct contrary to the VLOA standards and best interest. Such termination will be accomplished by the Steering Committee.

2. Active membership will be suspend- ed for non-payment of annual dues. However, names of those who fail to pay their annual dues will remain on the VLOA roster unless the individual re- quests their name be removed.


Chapter 4 – VLOA Meetings


1. VLOA Steering Committee meetings may be held at any time during the year at the call of the National Director and upon the agreement of a majority of the Officers and Directors.

2. A VLOA general membership meet- ing will be held in conjunction with each VLOA reunion.

3. Local Chapter meetings, where sepa- rate Chapters have been organized, may be held at any time and/or place as agreed upon by the members of the local Chapter.

4. All meetings, sessions or gatherings at which decisions regarding the opera- tion of the VLOA or its local chapters is made by vote, will be governed by the requirements of Roberts Rules of Order, and written minutes will be taken and filed.

5. A Sergeant-of-Arms may be appoint- ed by the National Director to ensure conformity to governing rules at the Re- union general membership meeting.

Chapter 5 – Election of Officers


1. Only Active and Life members may vote and hold elective office (except for Distaff Advisor position).

2. The National Director will appoint the Nominating Committee. It will de- velop a slate of candidates who are will- ing and able to serve as officers of the VLOA. Nominating Committee mem- bers will contact potential candidates to determine their desire to serve in the se- lected position.

A list of nominees will be pre- sented to the membership during Reun- ion registration. Additional candidates may be nominated by the membership during the Reunion business session pri- or to the election.

3. The National Director and Deputy Director will serve for a term of two (2) years. Any person may be nominated for, and reelected to, these positions to serve consecutive terms.

4. Directors-at-Large will be limited to a maximum of two (2) two-year terms for a total of four (4) years. The Com- munications Directors will normally serve a two-year term but may, at their option and with the approval of the Na- tional Director, continue for another two-year term.

5. Because of the longer-term stability inherent in, and the necessity for, the Treasurer's position, the Treasurer, by his personal acceptance and upon ratifi- cation of the Steering Committee, will be appointed by the National Director and may serve for an unspecified period.

6. VLOA Officers/Directors/Distaff Ad- visor will be elected during the Reunion business session and will be installed into office at the close of the Reunion.

7. Election of Officers/Directors/Distaff Advisor will be by ballot. Should there be only one candidate for office, the bal- lot requirement may be waived.

Chapter 6 – Succession of Officers


1. Should the National Director resign, become incapacitated or otherwise be unable to serve, the Deputy Director shall succeed him for the remainder of the term. Election for the National Di- rector position will be held at the next Reunion. The position of Deputy Direc- tor will remain vacant until the next election.

2. Should any Officer/Director/Distaff Advisor resign, become incapacitated or otherwise unable to serve, the National Director will appoint a replacement who will serve until the next Reunion elec- tion.

Chapter 7 – Duties of Officers


1. The National Director will chair the Steering Committee and will preside at the business meetings of the VLOA and at all Steering Committee meetings.

2. The National Director may appoint or remove Committee Chairpersons, sub- ject to ratification by the Steering Com- mittee.

3. Unless otherwise defined, the duties of Officers/Directors/Distaff Advisor will be those customary for such offices. A DVD containing a current set of Poli- cy Files will be provided to each reelect- ed, newly elected, and appointed Of- ficer/Director/Distaff Advisor at the conclusion of the biennial reunion’s business meeting, with a hard copy pro- vided to the National Director.

Chapter 8 – Secretary

1. The Secretary shall maintain minutes and records of all official meetings and of decisions made and approved by the Steering Committee.

2. Resolutions required by communica- tions means other than regularly sched- uled meetings shall be conveyed, in writ- ing or email to the Secretary.

3. The Secretary keeps the current VLOA Roster and will provide a copy quarterly to the National Director, Treasurer, Director of Communications


Newsletter, Director of Communica- tions Website, Historian, and Perma- nent Advisor.

4. The Secretary will provide the Direc- tor of Communications Newsletter a mailing list (in Excel format) of all names listed in Categories A, C, and H on the quarterly roster for use in finaliz- ing mailing labels for quarterly Outlaw Newsletters.

5. The Secretary will provide a VLOA membership card to all eligible Active, Life, and Associate Life members upon dues payment.

Chapter 9 – Treasurer


1. The Treasurer will be appointed by the National Director and ratified by the Steering Committee.

2. Once appointed, the Treasurer will serve in that capacity for an unspecified period of time.

3. The Treasurer will sign checks for debts legally incurred by the VLOA. Debts incurred will be supported with valid vouchers indicating date, dollar amount and specifics of the purchase.

4. The Treasurer will submit an annual budget to the Steering Committee to be approved no later than 31 November re- flecting anticipated expenditures for the next calendar year. The Treasurer will perform other duties customary for the office.

5. The Treasurer will provide a quarter- ly financial statement to the VLOA Steering Committee no later than the 10th of the month following each quarter. The financial statement will be made

available to any Active or Life member upon request and included in the next issue of the Outlaw Newsletter.

6. The Treasurer will provide a report to the membership during the Reunion business session.

7. The Treasurer will ensure that an electronic IRS Form 990E is filed prior to May 15 of each calendar year to re- port the financial status to the IRS. Should the VLOA financial status ex- ceed the IRS specified levels, the Treas- urer will ensure that an annual financial statement is submitted in accordance with IRS rules by the appropriate sus- pense date.

8. The Treasurer will provide an infor- mation copy of all dues payments infor- mation to the Secretary for preparation of the individual’s membership card.


Chapter 10 – Communications Directors

  The Communications Director - Newsletter will manage the Outlaw Newsletter and its distribution to VLOA members whose names are reflected on the current VLOA Roster with confirmed addresses. The Communications Director – Newsletter will provide information and communications on the VLOA to external agencies as necessary.

The Communications Director – Website will be the webmaster of the VLOA websites,,, or

The National Director may appoint one individual to perform the Communications Director duties and be responsible for both the newsletter and websites.

Chapter 11 – Quartermaster

The VLOA has elected to not fill the Quartermaster position. In case a Quartermaster is required and the VLOA Steering Committee approves fill of the position, the following provides the policy for the Quartermaster.

The Quartermaster will manage and coordinate the procurement, storage and sale of various items of Outlaw memorabilia and make such items available to the members.    The Steering Committee will approve the purchase of such items.  Any revenues derived from the sale of items made available to members will be used for the benefit of the membership and for VLOA operational expenses as approved by the Steering Committee. 

Chapter 12 – Historian

The Historian will research, compile, document, and disseminate historical information, photographs, and other recordings of the Outlaws, Mavericks, Bushwhackers, Roadrunners, and all attachments from formation in August 1964 through deactivation in 1972, and to the end of its assignment in Germany in 1975.

Chapter 13 - Distaff Advisor (Without Vote)

The Distaff Advisor will be selected from the spouses of a Regular or Life Member or widow of a deceased Regular or Life Member. 

The Distaff Advisor will provide representation of the spouses/widows and render advice to the Steering Group when it deliberates on VLOA matters. 

Term of service will be for a maximum of two 2-year terms of office for a total of four (4) years.