(Approved as of October 5, 2002)
(Revised September 13, 2008)
(Revised September 8, 2012)
(Revised September 20, 2014)
(Interim Revision September 23, 2016)
(Revised March 16, 2019)

Article I – Name

This Association shall be known as the “Vinh Long Outlaws Association.” (VLOA) (The name “Outlaws” was selected as the call-sign identification of the organization upon arrival in Vietnam.)

Subordinate and affiliated units that also had distinctive unit names and call signs (i.e. Mavericks, Bushwhackers, Roadrunner, Backspin, etc.) will continue to be recognized with their distinct names and will be considered part of the “Outlaws” organization.

Article II – Objectives

The VLOA is dedicated to the following objectives:

A. To renew and preserve the camaraderie and esprit de corps among members of the VLOA. To further this objective, a reunion will be held at specified intervals.

B. To foster, reinforce and perpetuate love of country, respect for the flag of the United States of America and a strong sense of patriotism.

C. To locate all personnel who were affiliated with the organization during the time frames indicated.

D. To encourage all eligible personnel who were affiliated with the Outlaw organization to become members of the VLOA.

E. To gather data and material of an historical nature and compile and publish an accurate and detailed history of the organization’s existence.

Article III – Operation

A. The VLOA will operate on a calendar year basis.

B. The VLOA will operate as an IRS approved 501(c)(19) war veterans’ tax- exempt, non-profit organization. The VLOA will ensure it continuously meets the IRS requirement that more than 90 percent of its membership is composed of former members who were assigned or attached to the original 62nd Aviation Company or successor organizations.

C. A biennial audit will be conducted. The audit will normally be performed by two members of the VLOA, not officers of the organization, as selected by the Steering Committee.

D. In the event of dissolution of this Association, all assets shall be liquidated and all financial obligations of the Association shall be paid. Memorabilia, historical records, photos and other such documents belonging to the Association shall be donated to the U.S. Army Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker, Alabama, with a copy provided to the Vietnam War Project, Texas Tech University. Any remaining assets shall be donated to a recognized charity as determined by the Steering Committee, but under no circumstances

shall any member of the Association receive any benefit from said assets.

E. No elected or appointed officer of the VLOA will receive a salary or compensation of any kind from the VLOA. All labor and/or personal effort contributions to the VLOA will be voluntary.

Article IV – Reunions

A. A reunion will be held every other year, commencing in 2000, or as otherwise agreed upon by the membership at the previous Reunion session.

B. Reunions will be held at a time and place to be determined by the Steering Committee. Time and place will be influenced by an informal polling of Association membership.

Article V – Membership

A. All personnel who were affiliated in any way with the U.S. Army Air Mobile Light helicopter company designated as the 62d Aviation Company, and later redesignated as Company A, 502d Aviation Battalion, and its affiliated support units, and who served at any time between August 1964 (the date of initial activation) through September 1965 (end date of the units’ first year in Vietnam will be classified as Charter Member classification in the VLOA.

B. All personnel who served in the Outlaws or any affiliated unit after the unit was redesignated as the 175th Assault Helicopter Company, or any follow-on unit participating in combat operations, are eligible for General Membership classification in the VLOA.

C. Membership in the VLOA may be extended to other individuals who have an historical association with the Outlaws.

D. Membership classifications are Charter, General, Active, Honorary, Associate, Associate Life, and Life memberships and are described as follows:

1. Charter Member: Any individual assigned or attached to the Outlaws or any of its attached units during the time frame August 1964 through September 1965. Such members are full members of the VLOA and, if in an ‘Active’ (dues paying) status may vote and hold office in the Association.

2. General Member: Any individual assigned or attached to the Outlaw unit(s) after the period defined as Charter Members. Such members are full members of the VLOA and if in an “Active” (dues paying) status may vote and hold office in the Association.

3. Active Member: An Active member is any individual who is eligible for membership and who pays a specific number of dues annually as set by the Steering Committee. (Only Active and Life members are eligible to vote and hold office. All other membership categories enjoy all the benefits of the VLOA except the right to vote and hold office.)

4. Honorary Member: An Honorary membership will be bestowed for life upon the surviving spouse, parents or child of KIA or deceased members. Other Honorary memberships may be awarded to distinguished persons as determined by the Steering Committee. Honorary members are not required to pay dues but may as a donation to the VLOA. Such donation is tax- exempt under IRS rules.

5. Associate: Associate membership may be made to an individual or organization not actually affiliated with the VLOA but having a deep and lasting association and/or interest in the VLOA and who donates an amount equal to dues annually.

6. Associate Life: Associate Life membership may be made to any Associate Member who donates an amount equal to the designated Life Membership dues and will be without voting rights and may not hold office.

7. Life Member: Life membership will be made available to an individual eligible for Charter or General membership, and who pays a one-time Life Membership fee as established by the Steering Committee. The Associate Life member is available to an individual eligible for Associate membership, who donates an amount equivalent to Life membership, is without voting rights, and may not hold office (except for Distaff Advisor).

Article VI – Organization 

A. The VLOA will have the following officers, who will comprise the Steering Committee:

  1. National Director

  2. Deputy Director

  3. Two Communications Directors

  4. Five Directors-at-Large: one each

    from year-groups 1964-65, 1966-67, 1968-69, 1970-71, 1972-77, & 2003-

    08. (Should no one accept from any specific year-group, the Steering committee will appoint qualified member to fill that position.)

  5. Secretary

  6. Treasurer (Appointed)

  7. Historian

8. Distaff Advisor (Without Vote) 9. Permanent Advisor

B. Holding office or other positions of influence and trust is limited to eligible Active or Life members as defined in this Constitution.

C. Responsibility and authority of the Steering Committee:

1. The Steering Committee shall be the governing body of the VLOA. It shall be responsible for management of the affairs of the Association including funds, programs and regulations. It shall have the authority to approve budgets, authorize expenditures and approve meeting sites and program arrangements.

2. A majority of the Steering Committee shall prevail in all matters pertaining to the Association.

3. In addition to business conducted at the Biennial Reunion, unusual and pressing business may be conducted by the Steering Committee at other times by mail, email or conference calling.

4. The Steering Committee may delegate authority and functions to specific members of the VLOA.

5. The Steering Committee shall perform such other duties as prescribed by the Constitution and By Laws.

D. Committees:

1. The VLOA may have the following standing committees, with duties and responsibilities as defined in Operating Procedures job descriptions approved by the Steering Committee:

a. Membership b. Historical
c. Reunion
d. Nominating e. Awards

2. Vacancies for Committee Chairperson will be filled by appointment by the National Director.

3. Appointments to Committee Chairperson are subject to ratification by the Steering Committee.

Article VII – Voting

A. Only dues-paying Active and Life members are eligible to vote and hold office (except for Distaff Advisor).

B. Attending members who are eligible to vote will constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at VLOA Reunions or business meetings.

Article VIII – Constitution and By Laws Amendments

A. Proposed amendments will be submitted in writing to a Steering Committee member not later than the first day of the Reunion or special session.

B. Adoption of an Amendment will be by a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting at the Reunion or other business session.

Article IX – Chapters

The formation of local and/or regional chapters is encouraged but shall not be in conflict with the VLOA Constitution and By Laws. The search for former members should be a high priority in local chapter activities.


Article X – Operating Procedures


The Steering Committee will develop and maintain a Policy File to ensure that a record is maintained that describes various procedures necessary for the day-to-day operation of the Association. The Policy File should be considered a work-in- progress and, as such, will be an informal overview of the operations of the VLOA. The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the Manual in such a manner as to provide a set of guidelines for succeeding VLOA officers and committees. Proposed changes will be included in the business agenda for ratification by attending VLOA members during the Reunion or business meeting.

A DVD containing the Policy Files will be provided to all re-elected and newly-elected Steering Committee officers/directors at the end of the biennial reunion’s business meeting, with a hard copy being provided to the incoming National Director.