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VLOA Directors' Award:

This award was approved after the 2002 Outlaws reunion for presentation at subsequent Outlaws reunions.  It is the highest award the VLOA gives during any reunion year.  This award is not an award that must be a mandatory presentation at each biennial reunion.  Only one of these awards may be given because it is to clearly recognize the one individual or couple who has made the greatest contribution to the VLOA organization over an extended period of time.  The Directors' Award is reserved for any member or couple who gives substantial, quantifiable, long-term support to the VLOA through his/her contributions, time, energies, ideas, and accomplishments in promoting and furthering the aims and goals of the VLOA as a war veterans', not-for-profit organization.  An additional Special Directors' Award may be given in any given year for exceptionally outstanding contributions and only as approved by the VLOA Steering Committee.

The following individuals or couples have been awarded the Directors' Award during the past Outlaws reunions:

Al Iller - 2004 (Fort Rucker, AL) Ernie & Linda Isbell - 2006 (Pigeon Forge, TN)
Chuck wren - 2008 (Hershey, PA) Bob Koonce - 2010 (Nashville, TN)
Frank & Ann Estes - 2010 Special (Nashville, TN) Larry & Polly Jackson - 2012 (Savannah, GA)
Tony Clemente - 2014 (Washington D.C.) Tom & Pat Anderson - 2014 Special (Washington D.C.)
         Jim Donnelly - 2016 (Branson, MO)                          John Doyle - Special - 2016 (Branson, MO)
         Bob & Gloria Sharp - 2019 (Charleston, SC)             Bert Rice - 2022 (San Antonio, TX)

         Phil Van Alst - Special - 2022 - (San Antonio, TX)

VLOA Outstanding Outlaws Award:

This award was approved after the 2010 Outlaws reunion, for award during subsequent reunions.  For those nominees whose contribution does not rise to the level of the Directors' Award, the Outstanding Outlaws Award may be given when a nominee has given service to the VLOA, such as meaningfully holding an officer/director's position and rendering recognizably important service concerning the furtherance of the VLOA goals, objectives, history documentation, membership location, and preservation of the organization.

The following individuals or couples have been awarded the Outstanding Outlaws Award at past Outlaws reunions:

2012:  Nel Moist (deceased), Jim Donnelly, John Doyle, Patty Theriot, Emmadell Voisin, Larry Jackson, and Mary & Ole (deceased) Thornton.

2014:  Bob & Gloria Sharp, Jack & Fran Konopka, Charles Bouton, Chester Voisin, Angelo Spelios, Tom Anderson, and Frank Estes.

         2016: Joe Clelan (posthumously), Larry Jackson, Jack & Fran Konopka, Bob & Gloria Sharp, Emmadell Voisin, Patty Theriot, Chester Voisin, Doug Wilson, and Frank Estes (Special).

         2019: Doug Wilson, Phil Van Alst, Jim & Vicki Donnelly (Special)

          2022: Jim Donnelly, Doug Wilson, Bob Sharp, and Bob Allen

Any dues paying member may submit a nomination for either or both of the awards described above, and should email their nomination information to Frank Estes at estesf@troycable.net or mail to:

VLOA Awards Committee Chair
c/o Frank Estes
407 Country Club Drive
Ozark, AL 36360

The nomination packet must include the following information:

1.  Nominee's name
2.  Nominee's address
3.  Nominee's phone number
4.  A narrative commentary regarding measurable justification of why the nominee should receive either or both of the awards as outlined above for each award.