at Pigeon Forge

Group Picture
Left to right standing, Big Jim Kirkley, Bob Koonce, Pete Fredriksson, Jack Konopka, Pat Theriot, Chester Voisin, Jack Lane, Skip Frontera. Left to right kneeling, Clayton Stolte, Jim Grandstaff, Tim Bisch, Leon Osterland.


 Thank you Tom, Pat, Al, Chuck, Ole, Mary, Emmadel, Chester, Patty, Pat, Chaplain John Doyle, and other volunteers who worked hard and succeeded so masterfully ensuring 108 attendees had a wonderful time at Pigeon Forge. It was wonderful. Best wishes to our new slate of leaders during the next two years when we will meet again at Las Vegas. Thank you Bud for stepping forward to propose this magnificent site for our next Roundup. Look forward to seeing everyone again.

Tim Bisch

2006 Pigeon Forge Reunion by Anderson
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Pigeon Forge Steering Committee
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