Our Outlaw history began in September 1964 and runs through nine years in Vietnam, followed by another Outlaw unit that deployed to and fought in Iraq under Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Jim Donnelly, our VLOA Historian has been collecting everything any former member of the Outlaws and sub-units and attached units provides, including hard pictures, 35-mm slides, magazines, videos, audios, and other documentation.  He has done a masterful job as reflected in the 5-page listing of the things he has accumulated.  Jim has also developed a plan for passing this treasure trove of history to individuals and educational institutions to preserve the Outlaw History and ensure it is protected for future generations of interested individuals.  Please click here to review the contents of his "Outlaw History DVD Series Guide."

Additionally, Outlaw History items are displayed as sub-pages to this page.  Please click on the sub-page containing the historical information you are seeking.