The reunion is rescheduled for September 2021

I have decided to reschedule the reunion to 22 to 27 September 2021 at the Holiday Inn as previously planned.  The rates we were to get this September will apply in September 2021.  Of course we will work to develop an agenda much like that planned for this September. By the way, this decision does not come easily or lightly as I know we all want to get together as soon practical for the good times we enjoy! 

The dates requested in March 2021 were not available and I learned that the rates would be in the $229.00 per night range well above our base rate of $129.00.  Spring break occurs in San Antonio during the first two weeks in March and the city becomes very crowded with visitors - causing the rates to increase.  April is also a very active, busy visitor month with higher rates.

The other matter that still gives me the "willies" is the coronavirus issue.  Changes are occurring daily.  I really hope and pray that our country begins to recover and we can return to something that resembles normal life.  While not necessarily relevant to our situation, our country being on fire right now should give us all pause as it seems to threaten our Nation at its very core - I find it shameful!

A side note, I just received notice from another veterans organization of which I am a part (The Military Order of the World Wars) that it has cancelled its convention scheduled this August near Detroit and is rescheduled to August 2021. Interestingly, a member who is a medical Doctor did rather extensive research to try help members better understand the complexities of the coronavirus issue.  In part, the decision by the Order to cancel and reschedule was based on his research.  Just thought I would mention this as I think we will be living with the pandemic for quite awhile.

In closing, I trust that my message finds you all well and safe, please stay that way!  Also, I greatly appreciate your thoughts and support regarding VLOA and the way forward regarding our reunion.


Bert Rice

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