Quartermaster International Initiative

Quartermaster International Initiative

Do you remember Viet Nam?   In mid-1964, prior to the massive buildup of US forces in Viet Nam, a small US Army Huey helicopter company was hurriedly organized to respond to a critical support need in the Mekong Delta region of South Viet Nam.   The unit was activated and required to be in Viet Nam within 34 days!  Personal affairs had to be arranged.  Families were disrupted.  Many of the members were young, between 19 and 22 years of age.  The unit radio call sign was “Outlaw” and the nearest village was named Vinh Long.  After a year in combat, most members returned to their homes and began to build their lives.  Twenty-five years later, some of those original members began locating each other, and a reunion group, the Vinh Long Outlaws Association (VLOA) was formed and registered as an IRS 501(c)(19), a war-veterans organization (tax-exempt).
To learn about the Outlaws, you will find an extensive history of the unit on this website.  First, look at the History Page.  See how and when the unit was formed.  Look at the Easter Sunday tab to read of an epic combat operation in which the Outlaws were engaged on that day.
            While members pay their own way to the biennial Outlaws’ Reunions, the group primarily maintains contact with each other
through its quarterly VLOA Outlaws Newsletter, excellent web site, and Facebook page.
            The primary source of VLOA income has been our biennial reunion’s Silent Auction and 50-50 Raffle Tickets.  The somewhat minimal proceeds cover the cost of the quarterly Outlaws Newsletter for the next two years, annual renewal of the Outlaws Website domain names, annual webhosting costs, and various incidentals necessary for successful Outlaws Reunions.  Because of the pandemic, the VLOA has not been able to meet for over three years with no source of
income, other than a few membership applications. &a



TO: VLOA Outlaws Reunion 2021 Attendees:

Unfortunately, the VLOA leadership has received devastating information about the Covid-19(D) virus and southern border situation that forces us to postpone this year’s reunion until September 22-26, 2022. 

First, the Covid-19(D) situation across the nation and especially in San Antonio, TX is troubling to say the least.  Requirements for masking and social distancing are going to be enforced at the hotel and venue locations.  Hospital and medical information reflect that very few emergency room beds and ventilators are available at San Antonio hospitals for new Covid-19 infected people.  Our reunion attendees would be competing against the 1.5 million residents in San Antonio for medical services, support, facilities, and equipment.  If any of our reunion attendees became infected with Covid-19(D), they would more than likely not be able to return home in that condition, thereby causing additional hardships.  Second, local information about illegal aliens flooding the San Antonio area does not bode well for us knowing who will be servicing our hotel, meals, and venues, and just as importantly how the agencies providing these services are dealing with their Covid-19 infected employees.  Third, three of the key Outlaws who have major rolls to play in conducting the reunion are experiencing medical situations that now preclude them from attending the reunion this year.  In turn, those responsibilities at this juncture would be difficult, if not impossible to replicate by someone else at such a late date prior to the scheduled reunion.

Therefore, we have notified our Reunion Planner, the Armed Forces Reunions (AFR), Inc. that we are postponing our reunion until September 2022.  AFR will be fully refunding each person’s reunion registration 100%.  Any penalty for this reimbursement will be paid for by the VLOA treasury.  We sincerely apologize for having to make this decision, and for any other disruption it causes you and your family.  We are convinced that we must do this in the best interest of the VLOA, its membership, and especially all those who were planning to attend the reunion.  Reunion registrants will be contacted in the near future to ensure they receive information that the reunion has been postponed.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: bert07@comcast.net, or phone/text me at 410-507-3366.

As you know, Tom Anderson made all arrangements for ordering and mailing VLOA shirts to those who ordered them. Additional shirts have been ordered and their delivery is expected from the embroidery company within about two weeks.  Tom will mail them to you as soon as he receives them.  On behalf of all of us, thanks Tom for a job well done!


Bert L. Rice

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