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Charter Members of Outlaws, Mavericks, & Roadrunners

The following photographs provide information on the majority of original Outlaws, Mavericks, and Roadrunners that deployed from Fort Benning, GA in September 1064.  Please look at the picture below of the "Original Outlaws" to identify those you might know.  After reviewing this picture, please compare it to the "Original Outlaws silhouette" to determine a roster number applicable to the photo.

Once you have reviewed the photo, compared the individuals to the silhouette photo, and determined the roster number of the individual in the photo, find the name of the individual in the following roster.  

You will notice that we have not been able to determine the names of some of our original members.  If you can identify anyone in this picture of our original members, please provide that information to Frank Estes, Website Manager at estesf@troycable.net.  We appreciate anything you can do to assist in completing this roster.

Crash of Outlaw 24 by Bob "Buggs" Moran
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