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Name:Dana Dreeke
Location:King of Prussia PA
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I get chills every time I hear 175th! I was in Fort Hood Tx serving with B Co 1-158 from 1991-1994, 1996-1999. No one knew B Co as 1-158th Aviation only by the 175th Outlaws. I became historian during my second assignment with the 175th as a young warrant officer and received old calling cards and a guidon from 502 Transportation. Thanks to all the donations and hope you all have a great reunion.
Visit Date:6/9/2020
Name:John Edelmann
Location:Tulsa, OK
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Saw your announcement for a reunion in San Antonio 2020. I hope your membership has a great time. I was in Vihn Long from Dec 1968 to Dec 1969 with the 611th Trans Co. Since I have never had a reunion with them I was wondering if you might think about opening your membership to others that were at Vihn Long. It would not have to be full membership, maybe guest membership? September in Texas will be wonderful!
Visit Date:5/27/2020
Location:Norman Oklahoma
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Great website!
Visit Date:5/25/2020
Name:Howard Kelley
Location:Tucson Az
Website:Not Provided
Comments:My dad Capt Victor Bruce Kelley was stationed at Vinh Long from Sept 1964 up until he was killed April 28 1965. I'm looking for any records or memories that might exist within your organization.
Visit Date:5/19/2020
Location:United States
Website:Not Provided
Comments:This is a fantastic site. Go outlaws!
Visit Date:5/18/2020
Name:Rob Wilson
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Enjoyed the site!
Visit Date:5/14/2020
Name:Mr. John Uzo
Location:Shitterland / Nigeria
Website:Not Provided
Comments:In my opinion, this is the greatest honourable site for veterans about all the web.
Visit Date:5/12/2020
Name:Warren Howe
Location:NW Wisconsin
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Looking for anyone that remembers CWO2 Howe, R. C. Callsign Outlaw 20. Flew with the 175th AHC in '68 and '69. Would love to hook him up with an old buddy! Can you help? Thanks!!
Visit Date:5/6/2020
Name:Virgil Balvin
Website:Not Provided
Comments:317-862-0904 Love this site.
Visit Date:4/13/2020
Name:John Fisher
Website:Not Provided
Comments:We shall know the truth and the truth will set us free. Let God guide our great nation into prosperity. Great Site!
Visit Date:4/12/2020
Name:Debra Cross
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Love the site, very fun.
Visit Date:3/6/2020
Name:Terry Jessup
Location:Oklahoma City, OK
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I only served with the 175th for about a month as the XO from mid August 1971 'til sept , when I was selected by Ltc Bobby Maddox to be the Bn XO. Because the unit was drawing down, I went looking for another job and I was selected to be the Aide de Camp to MG Robert MacKinnon of the 1st Aviation Brigade. But my short tour with the 175th and the 213? avn Bn were especially exciting. I have seen some of you exceptional warriors and what a thrill it was. I look forward to doing it again. My heartfeld thanks to the 175th for making my tour so rewarding!
Visit Date:3/5/2020
Name:Roger Day
Location:United States
Website:Not Provided
Comments:outlaw from 12/1970 to 03/1971 1st plt then maintenance flew maintenance test flights as test A-3 love to have anyone from that time contact me
Visit Date:3/3/2020
Name:George Reischling
Location:Rutledge, Tn
Website:Not Provided
Comments:"To those who have fought for it, Life has a flavor that the protected will never know!" Between mortars, rockets, RPGs, booby traps and bullets, there was no safe place for any soldier in Vietnam. 50 years has passed since the war but we have only to close our eyes to rejoin our brothers in the greatest nightmarish adventure of most of our lives. You helicopter pilots and crews were amazing! You ferried us out, resupplied us, return to rain hell on the enemy when we were under attack and bravely swooped in to recover our wounded and ferry them to the hospital! Knowing that you were there for us emboldened us infantryman to do our job. Thanks! Remember your Christmas in the Nam? Mine was spent on an ambush patrol near the Cambodian border. I served with the 25th Infantry Division-3/22nd Battalion, Tay Ninh and later the 93rd Evac Hospital at Long Binh. -We may have served in different units in different AOs but our mission was the same! -Courage on the Mountain- Free to Amazon Prime members- Over one hundred 5 star reviews- Glad that you made it home brother! George Reischling PS. VA doctor stated that 80% of the men that served in Vietnam contract prostate cancer from exposure to Agent Orange. That’s a high percentage. I have it and offer suggestion that you keep a close eye on yours. If you have it, contact your VA representative for compensation.
Visit Date:3/1/2020
Name:Lawrence Miller
Location:San Antonio, Texas
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I have not been here in several years. am reposting with some additions. and planning to attend 2020 reunion. I was crew chief on OL11 (Mission Ridiculous) Apr 68-Mar 69 my AC was Don Kreshtool. the last time I talked to him he was living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. and as of now have not seen him since 1969. in looking back at other guest book entries, I saw an entry from Al Miller who mentions TA TA LUNDGREN, DAVE & MIKE BILES, JOE WISNEWSKI was his nick name SKI? And Cpt. Koons was he the pilot that flew mainly for Special Forces. O what memories I have of filling in as the crew chief on the Special Forces Mission and Crewing the Smoke ship on a mission to a parachute drop in a valley near seven mountains. Anyone remember the twin M60 mount built for the crew chief side of the smoke ship? I sure woke up some friendlies in the tree line with it during the parachute drop mission funny thing no one said anything about the incident after the mission. I wonder why???? John Price what a nice guy I was sadden at his loss. He and I had been friends since AIT at Fort Eustis. We competed for top spot as well as studied together at AIT. Then we served in the same battalion in Germany before coming to the 175th. I would be glad to hear from anyone who might know the whereabouts of any one mentioned above.
Visit Date:2/20/2020
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