This Quartermaster International Page contains an explanation of the purpose and process for donating items for and purchasing items from our Quartermaster International Page.

            This Page is a place where anyone may donate any item of interest to the VLOA for purchase by others visiting this Page.  Specifically, these items are primarily oriented on Vietnam War-era memorabilia and military related items, sans firearms, ammunition, and explosives of any kind and items precluded by law.  In the future, we may list other items directly related to the Outlaws, Mavericks, Bushwhackers, Roadrunners, 28th Signal, and 25th Infantry Division “doorgunner platoon,” such as logo hats, shirts, patches, etc.  Sale of these items will produce revenue for the Vinh Long Outlaws Association (VLOA) general fund to support its website, domain names, quarterly newsletter, annual administrative expenses, and selected reunion expenses.

            The Donor will email to the Quartermaster’s email (VLOA.quartermaster@gmail.com) a picture of the item (in .jpg format only), brief description including measurements/dimensions, asking price (fair-market-price) and estimated least-cost shipping.  The Quartermaster will evaluate each submission to determine whether the item is worthy of listing, and will send respectful declination emails if the item is not appropriate.  The Donor is responsible for shipping the item to the Buyer after notification by the Quartermaster of successful payment.  The Donor will promptly notify the Quartermaster that shipping has been completed and provide the tracking number.

            The Buyer will email the Quartermaster at VLOA.quartermaster@gmail.com that payment was made via PayPal or credit/debit card to the VLOA PayPal account for the item plus shipping.

            The Quartermaster will then notify the Buyer that the item has been shipped and provide any tracking data.

            The VLOA Treasurer will notify the Donor and Buyer via email that their contribution/purchase plus shipping is considered a donation for the use of the VLOA, and is therefore tax-exempt from Federal Income Taxes; however, Donor and Buyer are advised to discuss this issue with their tax preparer before claiming the deduction.


 "To place your order or any questions/concerns contact  Jim Donnelly via the Quarter Master email or by phone at 757-469-8168."

Items are listed in numerical order.



Item #001 Vietnam War Remembrance and Recognition Gift Set by Case Knives, Smooth Natural Bone w/Green, Yellow & Red Color, Wash Trapper, in Jewel Box, w/Certificate of Authenticity. $150.00+$12.00 shipping

Item #2 Carved wooden “Knights of the Air” carved wooden plaque, nice detail and hand painted. 15 1⁄2 by 11 1⁄2. Beautiful red oak. $125 includes shipping to the lower 48.

Item #3 Carved wooden 175th Maverick plaque, 11 1⁄2 by 11 1/2, hand painted. $80 including shipping to the lower 48.