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Location:Wichita Falls, Tex
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I woud like to have Angelo spelios e-mail or ph. #
Visit Date:1/19/2011
Name:Greg Blakemore
Location:Arcada CA
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Trying to locate Gil Procter. He does not know me, but as he wrote a book about Pete Kitchen, I would like to find him. Thanks
Visit Date:1/9/2011
Name:john hall
Location:n.hamp., ma.
Website:Not Provided
Comments:any body know where Mark, V, Donnelly can be reached?
Visit Date:12/23/2010
Name:Abe Domingo
Location:San Jose CA.
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Was with the 28 Signal Det. and Flight Crew support all Helo, I was named Pineapple from Honolulu. Now retired, Love my Flying.
Visit Date:12/17/2010
Website:Not Provided
Visit Date:12/12/2010
Name:Harry Racine
Location:Rising Sun, MD
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I served with the outlaws starting in March of 1967. I was a radio operator. Got sent home early due to my mothers death
Visit Date:12/9/2010
Name:Dale Vernon
Location:Burien, Wa
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I was a door gunner on Outlaw 11 (Buckeroo) from 4/66-11/67. Pilot was Fred Stetson..trying to find my cc "Bull" Durham (I think)who was a southern boy...that's all the info I have on "Bull". Fred & I have exchanged emails & he's doing very well.
Visit Date:12/5/2010
Name:Gary Halase
Location:Freedom Wisconson
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I was with the vinh long out in 1964, I was in the motor pool, and i was the guy that painted just about all the flight crews helmits army green, also the same guy that fixed Maj.Anderson Jeep when 1st Sgt Rae got drunk and wrecked it. capt Jerry wade Flew me around to get all the parts with no questions asked.
Visit Date:11/17/2010
Name:Bob Jones
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Hi everyone,I was in the 150th Trans Det 1966-1967
Visit Date:11/8/2010
Name:Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret.
Location:Highland, CA
Website:Not Provided
Comments: We keep coming back to this website again and again. Great work! And millions from around the world continue to visit the Award Winning U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs website. It is a great source where veterans learn how to secure benefits, increase benefits, and get the latest information about compensation, pension, and benefits for veterans - FIRST. Visit Today!
Visit Date:11/2/2010
Name:Kathleen Schrum
Location:Washington state
Website:Not Provided
Comments:My late husband, Steve Schrum, was an Outlaw. I am sure my son would appreciate any feedback from people who knew his Dad, either in Viet Nam or stateside. Thank you!
Visit Date:10/25/2010
Name:Tony Villarruel
Location:Ogden Utah
Website:Not Provided
Comments:First, Is number ten a high rating or a bad rating. Remeber that in VN to be called a number ten GI was bad. Second. I was visiting this site and saw the name Jim Sheridan as a past officer. Does anyone know how to find him. If it is the same Jim I know I have been looking for him since I left VN. God bless the OUTlaws Tony
Visit Date:10/23/2010
Name:Alandro Moniz
Location:Suisun City, California
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I was in Vinh Long with the "Straight Arrows" 611th Trans Co,765th Trans Bn,34th GS Grp,1st Aviation Bde. from 1970-72.I was an Aircraft(Rotary Wing) Mechanic/Crew Chief/Door Gunner/Aircraft Recovery Team"Delta Devils" I'm from the Island of Guam origionally, but due to my service-connected disability I'm residing in California. Steve Gray? "Straight Arrow! brother!
Visit Date:10/22/2010
Location:wichita falls, tx
Website:Not Provided
Comments:I'm looking for guy williams, I served with at vihn long in1968, his old e-mail was,from the guest book. but I have't got an answer. call me if you like at 940-224-3124. thanksjg
Visit Date:9/14/2010
Name:Chuck Howard
Location:New Jersey
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Welcome home guys! I piloted "Road Runner" from April of 68 to April of 69 with Larry Benson, Bob Duncan, Capt. Luskam and Lt.Jerry Green. I came across this site while searching for our unit patches. If anyone has a lead on any... please let me know. Also, I've been searching for Bill "Willy" Hunt, who piloted Outlaw 26 during that same period. Be well my brothers.
Visit Date:9/12/2010
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